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На островах Кабо-Верде (Cape Verde / Republic of Cabo Verde) приятный климат в течение большей части года с 350 солнечными днями. Дайвинг, виндсерфинг, парусный спорт и треккинг к вашим услугам.

Местами развивается экотуризм на островах Сан-Николау, Сантьяго и *Боа-Виста. Для туристов, интересующихся культурной тематикой, будет интересен город *Сидаде-Велья на острове Сантьяго, объект всемирного наследия ЮНЕСКО с 1997 года.

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    BOA VISTA, CAPE VERDE — Travel Guide with ALL top sights

    Cape Verde is a tropical paradise off the west coast of Africa. The islands are popular holiday destinations for Europeans. What is there to do? For example, I often heard that Cape Verde would not have much to offer. They couldn’t be more wrong! Watch the video and see for yourself that Cape Verde has much more to offer than a few beaches and coves.

    In the previous episode you saw the island of Sal with some natural wonders such as the Blue Eye and Shark Bay, where the sharks swim right between your legs! In the new episode you see how we cross over to Boa Vista, the island with the most beautiful beaches such as Santa Monica, Atalanta, Carbal and Estoril. From the capital Sal Rei we also visit the most beautiful church Nossa Senhora de Fatima and the Viana desert.

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